What is CRM?

Custom Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology for managing everything of a company with regards to relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers as well. It simplifies the process for the businesses as well as enables them to stay connected with their customers efficiently. It has the ability to analyze the data history of each customer and allow companies to interact in an appropriate with the specific customer.

Best CRM Services Company in Canada

Webtecknow is an ideal company that offers CRM services to businesses by handling your CRM software and empowering you to stay focused on what they you best. Our team of experts ensures that each of your customers is handled properly by delivering them best possible solutions. We ensure that internal workflow runs smoothly without any hassle.

Our CRM services include:

  • Sales automation- We help you generate better leads and create potential opportunities. We maintain each account in B2B model to streamline the internal processes.
  • Calendar- We maintain your calendar as per your task each day that include, meetings, calls, sending invitation to attendees, etc.
  • Emails- We manage all your emails whether it is outbound, inbound, massive emails, email templates, etc.
  • Customer support- We also provide customer support services by guiding your customers with their cases efficiently.
  • Documents- We maintain different document folder, making it easily accessible for you while attaching documents.
  • Workflows- Our team also manages the workflow of your business by using various tools that will trigger the time and deadlines, enabling you to keep a track of each employee.
  • Marketing automation- We also run marketing campaigns and manage them as well to drive better profits for your business
  • Administration- We make sure that all your administration related work is managed appropriately by our team.

Why choose Webtecknow as your reliable partner?

  1. Dedication towards our work
  2. Access to skilled employees
  3. 24/7 support
  4. Budget-friendly cost