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Laravel is one of the popular PHP frameworks and experts anticipate that will have a bright future in the coming years. This framework can create modern apps securely and quickly. Introduced in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, Laravel has become the #1 choice among developers and businesses. It has the potential to stay above other competitive PHP frameworks due to its superior features and functionalities. It is built with a modern approach that is the MVC architecture. However, it applies to every need like user authentication and event handling.

  • Covers extensible and modular code with the package manager.
  • Features quality support for database management.

No matter, whether the user is an expert developer or a novice, once, they get a fair understanding of Laravel, and they would accept that it is the correct framework that they require for their PHP projects. You would also find several Laravel Development Companies in Canada offering trusted laravel services.

Here are a few reasons that make Laravel an ultimate PHP framework shortly.

A Quick Overview of Laravel PHP Framework

Before you choose the Laravel PHP framework for your business project, you need to understand the framework. Before hiring a laravel developer in Canada, know what Laravel exactly is.

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is utilized by numerous programmers. Generally, businesses hire Laravel programmers for custom Laravel application development, and the unique features of this framework, empower entrepreneurs to embrace it.

Moreover, this framework emphasizes rich syntax and is extremely expressive. For advancing and handling a web development project, developers choose Laravel application. Laravel has huge community support of developers that guides you on its important features. So, if you have a PHP-based project in hand and you want to complete it, choose the Laravel framework:

  1. Growing Rapidly-

We are an expert Laravel application development company in Canada fulfilling the increasing demand for laravel solutions across businesses. This great framework has the strength by which it can manage all types of web development jobs. As per Google, Laravel has become a famous PHP framework in the digital world.

  1. Open Source PHP Framework-

Laravel is an open-source framework of PHP that simply means implies it is free and features a simple process to make big and complex web apps with specific code maintainability.

  1. Template Engine-

Laravel features pretty lightweight templates that allow programmers to make effective layouts using marvelous content seeding. It features various widgets with CSS and JS code along with some great structures. The Laravel framework templates are made for a simple layout covering multiple sections.

  1. Modular-

This PHP framework Laravel is built on over 20 various web libraries and is divided into numerous individual modules. So, the modularity of Laravel makes it a comprehensive framework to work for developers. It is based on the most advanced PHP principles that empower developers to make user-friendly, responsive, and modular web applications.

  1. MVC Architecture-

Laravel framework encourages MVC pattern that guarantees better transparency within presentation and philosophy. The MVC architecture improves the performance of the programmers, supports improved documentation, and has diverse in-built features.

  1. Libraries & Easy Configuration-

Laravel PHP framework recommends multiple web development circumstances that mean, it simply adapts to the latest environment depending on the platform where a user is operating an app. This information is feasible due to confirmed libraries integrated into this framework. The libraries in the Laravel framework comfort auto-complete functions which are difficult to find in other PHP frameworks.

  1. Composer-

The Laravel version 4 is solely based on various external packages to run appropriately. To get this job done, Composer works as a dependency manager in this structure. So, introducing a new web project is extremely beneficial for novices as it does not require them to download any zip file or to remember the URL. Just execute some commands and set the complete project along with getting the required dependencies.

  1. Artisan–

Though the command line is surely an excellent tool for web developers, Artisan allows one to use the command line for performing varied tasks by growing the Laravel framework. Finally, the user gets access to various options by typing “PHP artisan” over the terminal window. Although here you can discover few commands only, there is an alternative for you to make personalized commands as per your preference or requirements.


Though the list mentioned above brings only a few of several reasons to choose Laravel for web development projects but one point is clear that this PHP framework has an unbelievable potential to reign over the market in the coming years.