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For any organization, implementing a CRM system is the biggest challenge, because it brings about developments that are happening on all levels and affect every employee.
And since change is always tricky, no wonder that from 55% to 75% of CRM implementation projects initially fail, according to reports.
Yet, the advantages of surviving this not-so-easy CRM transformation are great, proven experience, and again by various studies and researches.

Here are just a few motivating stats that may encourage you to continue your CRM adoption project further:

• The average ROI for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent.
• 82% of top salespeople referred CRM tools as “critical” to their ability to close deals.
• 47% of CRM users said that their CRM had a notable impact on customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Here are 4 tips to make sure that your CRM implementation is a breakthrough.

Let’s begin with the obvious – a CRM adoption is thriving only if people use the system.

More so, several researches have proved that the lack of support from senior executives tops the reasons of why CRM projects fail.

Since CRM is a project that requires the involvement of every department of an organization, inspiring and building credibility among others. Top management drives the opinions and culture in the organization, that’s why their untimely involvement sends a positive ripple effect through the entire organization. So, get your leaders onboard!

When you are implementing a new CRM system the most person is imperative the one that has the authorization to run the project – the project manager.

This person is significant, because he or she runs the entire show. So, they’d better be awe-inspiring.

They will make sure that the required steps are taken on time and the goals are met. You can either choose someone internally or you can hire third-party organization who can take care of everything without any hassle.

A super-user or a CRM accountable is not the same as a project manager.

This is the person who is allocated as the “know-it-all” of your new CRM system. Whenever other employees in your organization will need support or have problems, this will be the person who will be there to assist. The super-user will be the one with every new update in the system, making it bug-free and guiding people around.

People managing CRM systems, should have only thing in mind: Motivation, Motivation, and Motivation! We often overlook internal marketing, so whenever implementing CRM software don’t forget to sell it to your colleagues.

How? Publish a fun article on your intranet, make a special launch t-shirt, create a poster, or – even better – organize a launch party for everyone!

It doesn’t have to cost a lot, but something to celebrate the launch and inflame enthusiasm.

The above-mentioned will help you to stay ahead of the game!