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As we all know that performance and speed are significant to SEO, web design services also play a vital role in how well a website ranks on SERPs. As a result, great web design greatly affects your business and how you earn money online. By hiring the right web design service providers for your business, you can drive more traffic towards your website.

5 top Web design tips to increase Web traffic

Does your website yet utilize background images? Images are large and eat bandwidth; slowing down your website. In every scenario probably, background images can be replaced with modern-looking, lightweight, and attractive CSS3 gradients.

Does your website use an image to represent the site headline? Do you use images to represent written information? Not only are images large and heavy, but they also cover valuable SEO information from Google and other search engines. Using an image as header text is fine for an individual, but not for the search engines.

Does your website sustain mobile devices? This is arguably the most powerful Web design update that all bloggers and companies will have to do shortly. Mobile access to the Internet will forthwith outpace PCs.h.

As a general rule, avoid using JavaScript wherever it is possible – it conceals significant content from search engines, slows down your site, deteriorates badly, and usually gives a slow and poor browsing experience.

Google takes page speed and performance severely, and so should you. There are three ways you can promote your Webpage:

  • Decrease the amount of time it needs to build a page on the server
  • Reduce the volume of data shifted from the server to the browser
  • Simplify the DOM (Document Object Model)